Digital Experience Designer


joshua vega is a Miami-based digital experience designer with five years of professional design experience and an M.F.A. in Interactive Media from the University of Miami.

I enjoy making sense of complex design problems by creating solutions that make an emotional connection and improve the status quo.

In my free time I nurture two small humans, consume as much music & sport as possible, and try to balance my love of food with my drive to live healthy.

fEaturEd casE study

Website redesign  |  university of miami school of law  | law.miami.edu

crEativE procEss

What are the target audiences?  |  What motivates people to use the product?  |  In what context is the product used?  |  How does the product align with the context of the culture?  |  What is the product’s history & trajectory?   |  What are the brand's values?  |  Which people have an interest in the product’s success?  |  How do we define and measure the project's success?
specify requirements
Identify the user tasks  |  Prioritize touchpoints  |  Identify the project's role players & deliverables  |  Define the project's timeline, phases, and milestones  |  Align a prioritized feature list to the project timeline
create & iterate
Look for inspiration  |  Intentionally conjure the desired emotions  |  Brainstorm solutions  | Experiment  |  Play  |  Test & Measure |  Learn  |  Iterate  |  Launch  |  Evolve